Dublin Zoo's new wolves get settled in to their new environment. Photo: Patrick Bolger.

According to the Dublin Zoo website,  the wolf pack consists of a bonded male and female pair and their offspring. The wolves range in age from two to ten years old.

Team leader Ciarán McMahon said, “We are very pleased with these wonderful additions to Dublin Zoo. The pack arrived from Germany just two weeks ago and the wolves are showing clear signs of settling in.

“They are comfortable and confident in their new surroundings and remain close at all times.”

The new pack of eight will be introduced to the existing wolves at the Zoo in the coming weeks.

Wild Wolves once roamed the forests of Ireland, but due to habitat destruction and hunting; the last wild wolf seen was a female shot in County Carlow in 1786.

With over one million visitors last year, the Dublin Zoo will hopefully educate the people of Ireland about the status, plight and ecological importance of wolves around the world.